Sunmi says Wonder Girls made her soul-less and envious

19 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Sunmi revealed her honest thoughts about her long three years and seven months of a wait after dropping out of Wonder Girls.

During a recent interview with AllKPop, Sunmi shared, "Being a singer is a road I chose. Since it was something I chose, it wasn't something that I could easily give up on just because it was hard. However, three years and seven months was not a short time for me, and I would be lying if I said that I didn't regret about my path during that time."

She continued to reveal, "However, I wasn't going to quit being a singer after just 1~2 years and I had drawn a picture of my future so I couldn't give up on it easily. It was difficult at first, but now looking back, I think it was a time that I needed. I think I matured a lot as a result."

"I lived a very busy life when I joined Wonder Girls. Korea and even America... Even though it was something I started because I really liked it, I had a hard time seeing myself turn robotic as time passed. I think it was hard to see myself going on stage soulless at my young age. I was very confused. Although I thought to myself that I can't be doing this already, my body and mind didn't follow my thoughts. Since then, I thought I needed some time to look at myself."

Sunmi also added, "But I realized how much I had when I became alone. I was very envious of seeing Wonder Girls members working and I had a passion brewing up inside me. It was a time that made me realize how much I loved performing and how precious it was."

Meanwhile, Sunmi will making her long awaited comeback on August 20th with her title track, "24 Hours."

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