Success is not easy: Just see how many auditions YoonA went for before debut

2 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

There is that old saying, if at first you don’t succeed, try again. So how many times should you keep trying? 10 times? 100 times?

Well, if you’re Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, then that magical number would be 200 times as revealed by the talented star in a recent interview featured on KBS2 TV’s “Entertainment Weekly.”

Girls’ Generation multi-talented singer and actress recently appeared on “Entertainment Weekly’s” Guerilla Date segment as part of her promotions for her new Monday-Tuesday drama, “The Prime Minister and I.“

During this segment, YoonA revealed that before her debut in Girls’ Generation, she “went through around a total of 200 auditions for CFs, music videos, dramas, and movies.”

According to a Soompi report, she also revealed what her biggest take away from all these auditions were. She stated that “having confidence is important. Even if you’re not good at it, if you approach it in a confident manner, then that builds up to become good experiences.”

The interview then also showed a snippet from YoonA’s appearance on MBC’s “Radio Star” where she also talked about how one of her most absurd auditions was when she was asked to act out a shopping session in a department store.

The MCs then started to become a bit playful and asked her to start acting various other scenarios, such as getting angry while shopping and to show intense hatred while eating a bowl of instant noodles.

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