Stuntman lost ear while filming Saving General Yang

12 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

A stuntman lost a ear on the set of the new period film Saving General Yang, which stars Li Chen and Raymond Lam.The unfortunate injury struck the actor when Li Chen and Raymond, who play the fourth and fifth son respectively, had to jump off a cliff in a scene that also involved a troop of 70 to 80 people.According to a report on TVB News World, the duo were hung on wires and jumped off the cliff when a sand storm suddenly struck the production.While a dozen or so people were blowing in the wind helplessly. Li Chen's blade headed toward Raymond's chest but luckily, he was wearing body armor.One actor, however, had one of that luck as he lost an ear to the wire.The entire team halted production to look for it, then froze it for the hospital to stitch back onto the actor.Raymond and Li Chen were exhausted but still insisted on performing their stunts personally.

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