Student who shares name with woman in Park Si Hoo case targeted by cyberbullies

21 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago
A female college student has had her personal information exposed and received verbal abuse online, simply because she shares the same name as the trainee who accused Park Si Hoo of sexual assault.

In a phone call with a media outlet, she said, “I’ve never seen Park Si Hoo except on TV.

When I heard that I was the one that was assaulted by Park Si Hoo, I just laughed and shrugged it off as a joke in the beginning.

But the situation grew out of hand.

I don’t know why I became that person.

I think it must be because I was on a program once.

I called the police about my personal information being revealed, and the police told me that they’d send out an official report asking people to stop spreading my information because we just have the same name.

‘Sports Seoul reported that her photos, real name, school, and even major spread like fire throughout the internet.

Believing her to be the trainee, many sent her comments like, “She must be going insane because she wants to be a celebrity“, “You’re a wh*re“, and “Don’t use Park Si Hoo“.

She is currently considering legal action against those who spread her information and falsely accused her of being the trainee ‘˜A’.

She said, “For things that happen from now on, I’m going to take strict measures through a lawyer for spreading false information and human rights abuse.'
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