The story behind Girls' Day Yura's revealing outfit

27 June 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Girl's Day's Yura made fans do a double take (triple or more for fan boys) with her revealing outfit in the "Female President" MV, leaving some in shock.

However, her agency, DreamT Entertainment, offered their explanation on why Yura's outfit is not over-exposing anything as she was technically covered up, reported AllKpop.

DreamT Entertainment stated, "Yura's outfit is a pair of full-body tights. Because it is not a one-piece dress, certain parts of her body weren't exposed."

Netizens commented, "Even though an explanation has been released, there is no denying that this music video was a bit too racy",

"My eyes can't help but to look over there whether its tights or not", and more.

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