The stories behind 57-year-old Chinese actress Liu Xiaoqing's 4 weddings

24 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

The 57-year-old Liu Xiaoqing and the 71-year-old William Wang Xiaoyu held a wedding ceremony in a San Francisco church.

It was also the one year anniversary of their marriage registration.
Liu Xiaoqing wore an elegant wedding gown and lovingly kissed her husband.

Under family and friends' witness they exchanged their vows of love, reported HKTopTen.

According to The Straits Times, she announced recently her fourth marriage to a businessman "from a general's family".

The confirmation came after she refuted a report that she would soon wed in Half Moon Bay in California, said NetEase news website.

In a statement on Weibo, China's Twitter, her agent said the couple had registered their marriage last year. The statement did not name the groom but described him as "older than Xiaoqing, successful, from a general's family".

It said: "He has lived abroad for many years, and pursued Xiaoqing for many years."

All three of Liu's previous marriages ended in divorce. Her first husband was People's Liberation Army violinist Wang Li.

She was a member of a Chengdu military theatre troupe in 1975 and wanted to be transferred to Beijing.

Wang was her ticket out of Chengdu, but she did not love him and left him on the the fourth day of their marriage in 1976, said reports.

Her second husband was actor Chen Guojun. They met while making their 1981 movie Deep At Heart, and when he was married to someone else.
After his divorce, he made an honest woman of Liu in 1986. But they broke up in 1989.

Her third husband was voice actor Sun Xianguang, alias Afeng, who stood by Liu when she was locked up for tax evasion in 2002.

Some reports said they split up in 2005, but he visited Singapore with her as recently as 2006.

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