STOMPer movie review: Rise of the Guardians gets thumbs up for "touching plot"

12 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

When STOMPer Nancy bought a ticket to watch the movie Rise of the Guardians recently, she felt, and realised, for herself the hype surrounding the animated film.Nancy felt that the beautifully-written plot can teach kids a few valuable life lessons.The STOMPer wrote:"So what is the recent buzz surrounding the movie Rise of the Guardians all about? Why is it so spectacular in Singapore?"So much so that every McDonalds' Happy Meal comes with a choice of a Rise of the Guardian toy. Kids can pick a toy of the main characters Jack Frost, Tooth Fairy, Santa, Easter Bunny and Sandy the Sandman, all of whom form the team that brings joys to the children in the world."For me, my favourite character is Sandy the Sandman. I totally felt that Sandman is the cutest yet the most intelligent among the Guardian's team.""Choing ah!" that is what most locals will say, or maybe even "Woah! So Ke Ai!"."Since the movie started airing in cinemas, Rise of the Guardians has been one of the most-watched movies within these few weeks."I went to watch this movie at a Golden Village theatre, and felt that this movie was worth a remarkable review for its interesting and touching plot."Many locals would love this movie and I felt that it was one of the best movies to be released in November this year."There were many beautiful, splendid and well-detailed plotlines which was understandable by all young and old."This show illustrate it all and with the story being brought to live in 3D, that was a bonus for us."On top of that, the hype was not only contained to within the theatres but also at the fast food restaurants."This holiday season, fans of Rise of the Guardians can look up to many different statues and characters for them."Two of the most well-liked characters were the Easter Bunny and Jack Frost."Through a beautifully-written plot, Rise of the Guardians tells us how we should find our inner-centre and to always retain the determination in life. Teamwork and believe is the platform where we can strive for success in our goals."

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