Steven Ma hospitalised after sudden rise in blood pressure

19 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Hong Kong actor Steven Ma was admitted to hospital after suffering dizzy spells caused by sudden rise in his blood pressure.

Yesterday, a masked Steven was spotted at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong with a female friend. Looking extremely pale and sick, Steven was assisted by a nurse to sit on a wheelchair.

He later replied a text message to a reporter, saying that, “I went to the hospital for treatment after experiencing dizziness and a rise in blood pressure. The doctor advised me to remain in the hospital for observation.”

According to a report on Oriental Daily via Asian Pop News, Steven has revealed before that he suffered from a chronic heart disease which has to rely on regular checkup and medication.

He has also experienced heart rate crossing above 170 beats a minute. For his most severe case, even his whole body would jump.

While filming Storm in a Cocoon <守業者> last year, he was rushed to a hospital after he experienced heart discomfort due to the scorching hot weather.

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