Stephen Chow thinks he doesn't have a chance with love

3 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Stephen Chow was in the spotlight again in a recent interview when he spoke about his love life.During the interview, the always reserved about love Stephen was asked why he was still not married. He asked, "Do I still have a chance looking like this now? I am so old that even I am afraid to say what my age is."He revealed that he once had real love but he did not cherish it and felt that mainly his luck was poor. If he could start over again, he would not make himself so busy and would take some time to do something that he enjoyed.The interviewer pointed out that some called him a genius and some called him a tyrant. Some directors thus parted ways with him, because he would publicly change scenes due to differences in opinion between him and the director. He admitted that at work he was very serious, and sometimes his seriousness would upset people. However, he says only by working seriously would he have hope.

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