Stephen Chow promises fans his signature humour in Journey to The West

31 January 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Veteran comedian-cum-director Stephen Chow explained his decision not to appear in his new film, and assured fans that his signature humour will still be evident in the movie.According to a report on Apple Daily, Stephen Chow told attendees at a promotional event for the movie that he wanted to focus all his energy into directing the movie."Anyway, you will see parts of me in all the actors. Shu Qi can do kung fu, Wen Zhang has ideals similar to mine, and Show Luo is devoid of emotions like myself", he added.Stephen Chow also explained that he chose Show Luo for the role as he was a perfect fit in his eyes.He said: "Initially I wanted to play the role of the Persian prince myself, but I see that he looks more empty and more lonely. He’s handsome and comical ‘“ of course I have to choose him!"Stephen also promised his fans the movie will not be lacking his signature humor, saying: "I am always thinking of something, no matter whether I’m awake or asleep. When my head is empty, I’m uncomfortable and I will look at pictures, watch movies or just talk to someone just to seek inspiration."

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