Stephanie reveals how she stayed slim despite pregnancy

4 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago
Looking at this photo of a slim Stefanie Sun, you wouldn't think that she had given birth just six months ago, to a baby boy who now weighs 9kg.
The 34-year-old local singer, who yesterday made her first public appearance since announcing her pregnancy last May, is the newly appointed brand ambassador of Abbott Nutrition's Similac-Gain range of products, including baby formula.

At a press conference at Goodwood Park Hotel, Sun - whose slim figure does not differ much from what it was in her pre-pregnancy days - was both candid and reflective when talking about her son and motherhood in general.

She married 35-year-old Dutch-Indonesian entrepreneur Nadim van der Ros in May 2011 and gave birth to their son on Oct 30 last year.

Her son's name is still unknown to the public but he has been nicknamed "little Nadim" by the Chinese press.

Sun has resumed work and appeared on the cover of last month's Harper's Bazaar Hong Kong.

In the fashion magazine, she showed off her cleavage in one of the photographs taken in February, something she has seldom done in her 13-year career as she is known for her lack of curves.

When asked if pregnancy has given her a more ample bosom, Sun said with a laugh: "I expected this question!" She went on to say: "I've expanded pretty much everywhere, which I'm, sure most mothers will be able to identify with.

"As for the photograph, Sun said with a laugh: "I'm sure it's an optical illusion, the clothes were very flattering.

" Sun said she has lost most of her pregnancy weight though she is still 4kg above her normal weight.

According to her manager, she used to weigh about 43kg and is now 47kg.

But she added: "Weight gain is the last thing on my mind.

"View more photos of Stefanie Sun, as well as see how other Asian stars look when they're pregnant, in the gallery below.
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