Stefanie Sun reveals her source of strength and inspiration

22 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Motherhood has been a source of strength and inspiration for local singer and Mandopop superstar Stefanie Sun.

According to an article in The Straits Times, standing on the vaunted Taipei Arena stage last Saturday with a mop of bright orange hair, she said the reason for doing the concert was because she wanted her son to think: "Mum, you're great."

She added: "He's taught me to listen to the sounds around me and I've heard your voices of care and concern."

This was her comeback tour since she walked down the aisle with her DutchIndonesian business executive beau, Mr Nadim van der Ros, 36, in May 2011, and gave birth in October 2012.

Speaking to Singaporean and Malaysian media at a postconcert celebration banquet at the same venue, Sun, 35, says: "After becoming a mother, you think, 'I want to be strong. I want my kid to look up to me.' That is a motivation for me."

Not only that, her son, whose name she has steadfastly refused to reveal to the media to protect his privacy, had a pivotal role to play in her forthcoming album as well. Kepler (above) will be released next Thursday, three years after her 11th studio album, It's Time.

While recording the track Kepler, she was pregnant. She recalls: "It felt like the starry sky was within my stomach and it was a magical and wondrous feeling."

She listened to "countless" demos for the album and the moment she heard Kepler, she knew that was going to be her lead single. "I kept going back to it and then I listened to the lyrics carefully and I just knew."

The music and lyrics of the ballad were penned by Hush, a Taiwanese musician who is the lead vocalist of indie band, Hush!. Kepler is named after a planet discovered in the 17th century that shone in bright daylight for three weeks, according to online reports.

For the full story, pick up a copy of The Straits Times today (Feb 22).

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