Spot the insult on Harlem Yu when his pic was used beside Lee Min Ho in Chinese surgery ad

29 August 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

A Chinese surgery center has used Taiwanese singer Harlem Yu's and Korean star Lee Min Ho's pictures without permission for an advertisement. 

According to allkpop, the result, however is not so flattering for Harlem Yu, as the "after" arrow points at Lee Min Ho and away from the Taiwanese star.

Meaning that if you look like Harlem Yu, you should consider reconstructing your face to look like a Lee Min Ho.

The picture in the ad was taken from a selca (also shown above) that Harlem Yu himself uploaded on his weibo account months ago.

The selca was meant to commemorate his performance with Lee Min Ho on China's CCTV's 'Spring Festival Gala'.

As both stars are famous in their respective countries and across Asia, it's a wonder why this surgery centre decided to use their pictures.

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