This spot gives Andrea De Cruz goosebumps when caressed by Pierre Png

22 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Former actress Andrea De Cruz loves husband Pierre Png's "very intense left eye", which she calls his "perfect imperfection".

"It's not symmetrical, this eye doesn't look like this eye, I think it's great," she enthuses.

And as for Pierre, he loves it when Andrea works out.

"I think I'm quite a gym-goer, I can do just about anything...I've been through army, right? But when you go through training with this girl, I tell you, she'll kick your butt."

So what is the secret spot on their bodies that gives them goosebumps when caressed?

While Pierre was too embarrassed to give an answer, Andrea reveals her G-spot.

Watch the video clip below from SPH Razor to find out.

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