S'pore's first mermaid is not only gorgeous, her voice is enchanting

28 January 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Ms Cara Nicole, 23-year-old National University of Singapore student, made headlines earlier this month as mermaid Syrena.

Also known as Singapore's first mermaid, the dazzling beauty is not just a pretty face.

In a recent post on her Facebook page she shared an original song she penned and sang -- and her voice lives up to enchanting croons of a mermaid indeed.

It's not "just for fun" either, she came up with this song to celebrate getting over the obstacle.

Her Facebook post reads:

"The other day, I suffered an asthma relapse. I'm back, though, and determined not to let it stop me from doing anything. In celebration of conquering my attack, I penned a new little song I penned, named 'The Wild Winds Of Faerie'."

In reaction to her previous shot to fame, Syrena also lamented that she wished people did not focus on that fact that she can earn about $500 an hour.

She said: " It makes it seem like mermaiding is all about the money - which it isn't.

"I do this (and endure the blisters, the muscle cramps, and the crazy sensitive eyes) for the love of it, and for the love of seeing the kind of reception it gets - whether at parties, or at the charity events.

"I sometimes offer to participate in pro bono. I've always said my main goal is to keep a little flame of magick burning, and I believe I've stayed true to that."

Listen to her song here: 

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Watch her mermaid skills in action here:

Photos: Mermaid Syrena's Facebook page

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