S'poreans show their artistic talents -- through parodies of Psy's Gentleman

8 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Singaporeans have come up with their own hilarious versions of Psy's new single, Gentleman. Check out these two videos done by two different groups of youths.Wrote the PSY-GENTLEMAN SINGAPORE team:"We are a group of young Singaporeans who made the video PSY-GENTLEMAN SINGAPORE."It was uploaded on YouTube on May 6 and after only 24 hours later, it reached 13,000+ hits."It started when filmmaker Ashton, creator of mindfulproduction had the inkling to gather a group of Singaporeans who could do something fun, challenging, and almost absurdly entertaining. "The recruitment began with a recommendation from a mutual friend, to his friends, and their friends. Our group of 10 fruitfully completed the music video, filming at several locations we deemed local and heartfelt to ourselves, and to fellow Singaporeans."When we commenced, we commenced in the name of spontaneity and fun. We didn’t know why, what, or how we were supposed to accomplish this feat. "We didn’t mean for it to be famous, a parody, or a copy. Armed with nothing but enthusiasm and spontaneity, each one of us brazenly excited at the prospect of doing something that we never thought we would do. "This project had provided us with the opportunity to meet interesting, like-minded individuals that we would never have met if, we had made the easier choice of saying “No‘ to filming this video."To date, their video has garnered over 30,000 views.Another Singaporean, calling himself ACE Chad, made a parody called PSY - GENTLEMAN (Parody -- Singaporean Hungry Man).He said: "This is a parody based highly on PSY's Gentleman video, not much of the song itself."So I decided to do a parody, and what better song but Gentleman by PSY. We managed to pull this off with limited time, hope you guys like it."Photos 1-30 show the Psy-Gentleman Singapore video, while the remaining screenshots show the parody Singaporean Hungry Man.

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