S'porean model Vivien Ong married hubby 4 months after dating him

9 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

In an interview with Her World magazine, it was revealed that Singapore model Vivien Ong has relocated to the Big Apple, walked in New York Fashion Week and got married, all before the age of 23. 

Ong shared her love story and declared it was not a shotgun marriage. 

She said: "What happened was this: My then boyfriend (model Steven Patenaude) and I walked past the Manhattan Marriage Bureau where musical group Pink Martini was performing and getting couples to dance along.

"We joined in, and I thought "wow, it'd be so nice if we could just get married now", but I kept it to myself as we'd only been dating for about four months.

"Later that night, Steven admitted that he'd had the very same thought.

"We gave ourselves some time to think about it, and two weeks later, knowing we still felt the same, we got married!" 

Ong revealed that he was a friend of a friend, and had actually written him off as a "dumb male model" when they first met. 

Now, even the model's mum is a fan of his. 

She said: "My mom was thrilled for me - she adores Steven and loves that he's such a stable influence in my life."

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