S'pore singer gets slammed after being mixed up with Internet star Guo Meimei

10 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Singaporean singer Jocie Kok, who uses her Chinese name Guo Meimei as her stage name, has been getting mixed up with Chinese Internet star Guo Meimei as early as 2011.

Internet star Guo Meimei is known for flaunting and lying about her wealth online.

Since Guo Meimei appeared online, the Singapore singer has been getting confused with her, and the backlash has been described as "serious".

When people hear the name "Guo Meimei", they immediately think of the Internet celebrity.

As such, the 32-year-old Jocie has been getting scolded, cursed and even rejected for shows as her name reminds people of infamous Guo Meimei.

Her album sales have reportedly suffered a drop as shops don't wish to carry them.

People just didn't want anything to do with the Internet celebrity, reported China News.

After the Chinese star Guo Meimei got arrested for illegal gambling and other misdeeds, the local singer got even more negative publicity from the media.

Jocie got calls from friends and family asking if it was really her in the news.

She even got strangers leaving her messages, asking her to turn into a new leaf.

The 32-year-old Chinese singer has been in the music business as early as 2005, and has been using Guo Meimei as her stage name.

She first heard about Guo Meimei when she was recovering in the hospital after an operation in 2011.

Her friends and family told her about a young woman has been infuriating the Chinese public by posing in sexy outfits and bikinis, and flaunting her wealth.

Unfortunately as they both share the same name, netizens started to send her hate messages and slamming her online as they thought the two women were the same person.

Despite years of negative press and harassment, Jocie has no desire to change her stage name.

In an interview with China News, she said her mother had given the name Meimei, which means beautiful in Chinese, because she was an ugly kid.

Jocie said she was happy that Guo Meimei was arrested and put away, so there might be chances that people will not confuse them again.

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