S'pore Idol alumni wants to record album of Disney songs

31 May 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

You can call Dwayne Tan a Disney fanboy. He won't mind.The former Singapore Idol contestant is so in love with songs from the Disney repertoire that he hopes to have his own album of Disney covers, reported The New Paper.When the Esplanade approached him to come up with a show for their annual Flipside festival in 2010, he came up with a show that combined singing and fairy tales, putting his own spin to classic Disney stories through song with the help of friends theatre actress Judee Tan (now on Channel 5's The Noose) and pianist Julian Wong.This year, Tan, 36, and friends will be singing again, but the Disney songs have been traded in for evergreens and pop tracks.They'll be singing for their survival on a live game show, The Show Must Go On, a free programme running as part of the Esplanade's annual Flipside festival, which presents light-hearted, family-friendly arts events. The programme runs this weekend at the Esplanade's Outdoor Theatre.Other Flipside shows include the roving Human Jukebox, where local singers Hui Xuan, Mina and Glory walk around the Esplanade singing songs while audience members have fun switching genres for them.Another show is Fat Kids Are Harder To Kidnap: 3D, an hour-long collection of 31 short plays.Tan did not want to give too much away to his, celebrity participants, who include Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie, Erwin Shah Ismail, Denise Tan and Amanda Tee, but he did reveal that his show will see them taking part in games while singing non-stop."In a way, the audience gets to see how professionals live," said Tan."We face a lot of things that people don't see, like having the lights in our face, or sometimes smoke, and we have to keep going."In this game, the singers have to keep on singing no matter what happens to them."US actor and host Chris Bucko, who is now based in Singapore, will be hosting the show."I figured we should have some foreign talent as well," said Tan with a laugh.Heckler types, take note. Members of the audience are encouraged to participate in various ways to distract the performers. Bonus: You might win $75 worth of prizes when you take part."We'll get the audience to help out a team and we'll have the audience fighting against each other," said Tan.It's not exactly your normal theatre performance, but Tan prefers it that way."It's cool because it's not your normal theatre crowd. My goal is also to introduce people to the theatre," he said."We get to interact with the audience, which brings us to another dimension of theatre. I think it's brilliant. As a performer, you learn a lot more than if you were, just doing the same thing."Tan said that he is looking to make a big Disney dream come true this year."Before I get too old, I'd like to work on a Disney album, buy the rights and all that and perform those songs," he said.

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