S'pore fans shocked at how naughty Kim Soo Hyun was during fan meet

2 May 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago
Charlene Chua
The New Paper
April 29, 2014

There was no black face nor the typical Korean idol gushing of "I love you Singapore, you girls are beautiful".

He also did not rave about chilli crab, the one local food item that Korean celebrities love.

And no fan managed to hug him.

Instead, Kim Soo Hyun was a breath of fresh air when he busted all assumptions about him at his fan meeting on Sunday night.

He was naughty.

This was the word fans Cora Ke and Pamela Ang used to describe the 26-year-old actor when he teased them mercilessly on stage.

Gone were the concerns that the star of hit Korean blockbuster drama My Love From The Star would be in a solemn mood due to the recent Sewol ferry disaster.

Indeed, earlier reports from Hong Kong said that Kim did not smile much in Hong Kong last week and even cancelled an event there due to the tragedy.

But at the Singapore Expo on Sunday, it was Kim who told the 2,800-strong crowd "to lighten the serious atmosphere".

Cue the endless digs he took at everyone, including his fervent supporters, who loved this unexpected twist.

Ms Ke, 27, a Guangdong native who had flown to Singapore for the fan meeting, participated in the "I want Kim Soo Hyun to grant my wish!" contest, organised by StarHub.

Fans who bought tickets to the event had to submit via Instagram a selfie of themselves holding their tickets.

Three fans were picked by Kim during the fan meeting after he plucked their selfies off a tree on stage.

Before he called them on their mobile phones to invite them on stage, he said in mock seriousness: "These three are the prettiest girls among all the selfies I saw."

Ms Ke, who was the first to interact with Kim, was surprised when the Korean heart-throb suddenly asked her to come clean about the selfie she had submitted.

He said, to loud laughter from the audience: "Sure, I can grant your wish (of signing your ticket), but you make sure you pass them to the real person in the picture."

Kim asked Ms Ke to put her selfie next to her face, after which he shook his head vigorously.

Ms Ke, who exclaimed incessantly that her selfie had not been touched up, told The New Paper later: "He's very naughty. I was shocked that he would say such things about my photo, but I really enjoyed that he was so real with us.

"When I got to take a picture with him, I made it my mission to smell him, so I took a very deep breath. I can confirm to all fans that he didn't wear cologne as I couldn't smell anything on him."

Ms Ang, 28, a medical technologist, also had her selfie picked by Kim.

Her wish made the crowd scream in envy when she asked to look into Kim's eyes for 15 seconds.

Ever the comedian, the Korean star replied: "This girl must have watched too many Korean dramas."

The staring exercise went smoothly, but not without Kim getting the last word in.

"Do you know she (Ms Ang) doesn't blink? My eyes are so sore that I'm tearing."

Ms Ang told TNP: "He has such a pair of earnest eyes. I was surprised that he wasn't solemn as reports said. I'm glad he was naughty and took every opportunity to excite the crowd with his remarks.

"He's so different from other Korean idols."

Kim did not spare his translator either when he purposely gave an anecdote that lasted for two minutes and was peppered with many sounds like "pah!" and "la la la!", and looked at her expectantly to translate it.

His translator tried her best and failed, which had the crowd howling with laughter.

The only serious moment came at the end, when Kim teared up as he thanked his fans.

He said: "I want to come back and see you all after I finish my next production. I will try my best and go all out for it."

This article was published on April 29 in The New Paper.

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