S'pore fans clamour over Bosco Wong's sweaty towel at Sundown Festival

18 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

During performances at the Sundown Festival on Saturday, an assortment of things were flung by bands into the mosh pit: drumsticks, slippers, a water bottle.

Little wonder then that Mandopop star Bosco Wong felt the pressure to do so when he was questioned on stage by one of the emcees at the event, reported The Straits Times.

After his performance, he was wiping his brow with a towel while interacting with an emcee in front of the audience. The emcee joked, "Why not throw in the towel too?"

A sheepish Wong remarked in Mandarin: "Really? It stinks of sweat," and reluctantly hurled it into the mosh pit to a group of eagerly waiting fans. 

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