S'pore DJ-model reveals why she filmed herself in the midst of typhoon

28 September 2013 / 3 years 4 weeks ago

Typhoon Usagi has been called the world's most powerful storm this year, this did not faze the model-DJ who calls herself Tenashar.

Tenashar, 26, who previously starred in the Massage Uncle viral video, went out in the midst of the deadly Typhoon Usagi in Hong Kong and filmed herself on video, reports The New Paper.

In a 37-second video she uploaded four days ago, she is seen crossing a busy road at night to a barrier on the opposite side, where the seafront is.

Tall waves were crashing against the railings in front of her, as the local DJ, clad in a snowboarding jacket, is seen to have almost lost her footing.

Speaking to The New Paper over the phone from Hong Kong, she said: "I just wanted to share the euphoric moment with the world as the typhoon was moving away from Hong Kong.

"I definitely considered my own safety, but it was impossible to get injured. There was absolutely no danger at all as the typhoon was moving further away."

Tenashar said she was not the only one there.

"Cars were lining up to take photos and there were people cheering everywhere. There was just such an amazing, positive energy all around."

The video had more than 25,000 views as of 8pm on Wednesday.

Typhoon Usagi has affected South-east Asian countries like the Phillippines, Vietnam and Cambodia.

It also killed at least 29 people after it crashed ashore in Guangdong province, China.

It disrupted lives of 9.23 million people, damaged 152,000ha of crops and demolished 15,000 houses there, reported Xinhua News Agency

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