Spiderman 2 cast in S’pore: No selfies and relationship questions, please

2 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Photographers did not have the opportunity to catch Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as the couple they are in real-life when the Spiderman 2 cast visited Singapore last month – there was barely any display of affection.

Any attempt at mentioning it will draw even Garfield’s ire, as one reporter In London learned. She was told his personal life “was not public property,” reports The Straits Times via Asiaone.

The actor also tells the press at a small-group interview at the Marina Bay Sands hotel that in the past, “actors could be actors”.

At the lounge area where interviews are being held, studio personnel armed with clipboards and stern demeanours warn the press against taking selfies with the stars. This rule is reportedly flouted pretty often outside of Los Angeles, especially by newbie reporters.

Garfield tells journalists soon after he arrives that even if an actor doesn’t have any intention of being anything else, his privacy is lost because of the current social media age.
Even director Marc Webb refuses to divulge anything about Garfield-Stone relationship.

When asked if there will be logistical problems if his co-stars split up, especially with several more movies in the franchise in the pipeline, he says with a look of mock seriousness, “I can’t comment on that.”
“They are consummate professionals and it is a joy to work with them,” he continues.

In any case, Stone’s character Gwen Stacy dies in the comic-book series and Peter Parker’s (played by Garfield) attentions shift to Mary Jane Watson, an event which will happen in the film series before long.
Stone comes in for her time with the press and completely charms journalists within seconds.

When asked why she missed a cast visit to Commonwealth Secondary School, she says glumly, “It takes me like 16 hour to get ready. I suck.”

Predictably, one of the regional journalists jumps up to ask for a selfie with her as soon as her time with the press is up. She turns him down sweetly and he returns to his chair, looking sheepish. 

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