Sorry fanboys, Tang Wei is set to marry director Kim Tae Yong

3 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Sorry folks and die-hard "Late Autumn"-shipping fans, Korean director Kim Tae Yong has recently announced that he will be marrying attractive Chinese starlet Tang Wei, breaking the hearts of many fanboys all around the world.

Chinese actress Tang Wei and Korean filmmaker Kim Tae-yong are set to get married in the fall, Kim’s agency Bom Film Production said on Wednesday.

According to The Korea Herald, the couple first met through the 2009 film “Late Autumn” as an actress and director.

After the film, they maintained a good friendship until October 2013 when Tang visited Korea for a commercial shoot.

Both Tang and Kim released a joint statement stating that they became close after getting to know each other through their working relationship.

They said:

“We became friends and then grew much closer. Now we would like to become husband and wife, even if that means learning each other’s hard languages. But we know that this hardship will become the happiest moments, where we will learn to understand deeply and respect each other. Most of all, the movie is the most important witness to our relationship.”

They're both currently working hard in improving their Korean and Chinese respectively.

The couple will only be inviting friends and family for their wedding.

"He must have saved the universe in his past life," is how many Korean netizens have responded to the news, reports allkpop.

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