Sophie Marceau is not just a femme fatale

9 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: The New PaperThe name Sophie Marceau instantly conjures up images of a sultry femme fatale. Thanks to her slew of dark, mysterious roles on the big screen - they run the gamut from an evil heiress in the James Bond flick The World Is Not Enough (1999), to the mentally tortured mother in psychological thriller Don't Look Back (2009) - the 46-year-old French acclaimed actress is often viewed as the epitome of elegance, yet at the same time, striking many as a tad cold and distant. Happiness Never Comes Alone (Un Bonheur n'arrive jamais seul in French), Marceau's latest rom-com, might just overturn that deep-rooted impression you have of her. "My character in the film walks with high heels, but trips over carpets and falls down stairs... In a way, it's physical comedy," said the gorgeous star with a grin, at a press conference at Raffles Hotel on wednesday morning. She was in town for Societe Generale Private Banking 2nd Rendezvous with French Cinema, a five-day festival serving up a diverse array of selections. "I like the fact that our director James Huth doesn't take himself too seriously, his humour is distinctively French, yet very special." "He has made my character more human and fragile, she seems to have everything in life except love." Happiness Never Comes Alone, co-starring veteran French comedian Gad Elmaleh, will be screened tomorrow night at The Cathay. The story follows party animal and jazz musician Sacha (Elmaleh), whose carefree, non-committal lifestyle changes after meeting Charlotte (Marceau), a mother of three from two failed marriages. Despite having absolutely nothing in common, the pair form an unlikely connection. "Like Charlotte, I believe in love at first sight," mused Marceau. "In love, everything is possible. This movie encourages all of us to be open to possibilities; if you start doing that, your lives would definitely be richer."

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