Sooyoung shows off her flawless 107cm long legs for photoshoot

10 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Sooyoung‘˜s long legs are usually the main focus of her photoshoots, and her latest one wasn’t any different.According to an article in Ohkpop, Sooyoung's legs were measured during a live show and hosts were astounded when they found out that her legs were 107 cm (3 ft 6 in) long.In the photoshoot, she stood on the stairs out in the sun with nothing but the clear sky as a background, but she stood out stunningly with her sexy pose.The Girls’ Generation member pulled off the white see-through look perfectly, looking like nothing less of a goddess.According to an article in Allkpop, the photoshoot was for the a brand that she’s endorsing, and the staff reported that even though the weather was unbearably hot for the shoot, she never lost her smile and energized the entire staff.She’ll soon be joining the rest of Girls’ Generation for their world tour beginning next month.View the gallery for photos of Sooyoung flaunting her long legs at a store opening with a mini dress, and other photos of Girls' Generation members.

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