Sonia Sui makes shocking revelation about husband -- weeks after marriage

25 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Sonia Sui, the Taiwanese actress and model, has recently admitted that she has not been living under the same roof as her husband, Tony Chia, even after they've gotten married, leading to speculations that his is a 'high-flyer'.

Recently, it has been reported on China Topix that Sui has become Mrs. Tony Chia after a flash marriage earlier this month. 

However, last Thursday, on her first public appearance after her wedding, the model-actress revealed that she and her husband are not cohabiting under the same roof and that they have not been able to spend quality time since the event of their marriage.

In addition, Sui revealed that she is still living alone at her apartment in Taipei. The 35-year old model-actress then explained that she and Chia agreed to meet at least once every three weeks.

Chia, on the other hand, is said to have promised to visit her on a monthly basis and accompany her for at least two weeks at a time. Chia's seeming lack of time for his wife has then led to speculations that he is a high-flyer.

Previously, Sui has described her non-showbiz husband as a worker under the financial sector, but netizens have discovered that Chia is a high-ranking financial consultant who works on planning and managing finances handled by the government.

Additionally, Sui and her mother-in-law, Taiwanese artist Lai Pei-Hsia, also confirmed that Chia is 'a boss'.

On one hand, Sui revealed that despite registering her marriage with Chia in the USA, they still had to make matters official in Taiwan.

The actress-model has also been asked about her opinion about Taiwanese super star Jay Chou's fairytale-like wedding with Hannah Quinlivan.

Sui jokingly stated that Chou has caused stress among men with regard to the scale of their weddings after setting the bar too high.

As for her wedding, Sui stated that she liked keeping things simple and commented that she never had dreams of being a princess.

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