Sonia Sui denies removing ribs to get smaller waist

5 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Rumours are rife that top model Sonia Sui has had ribs removed to reduce her waistline and in order to have the perfect hourglass figure.

The Taiwan belle flatly denied the accusation via her agent, saying her working schedule is full and there’s been no time to slot in surgery, reports May Daily.

Her agent claimed the small-boned Sui does 100 sit-ups every day and is very careful about her diet.

She often drinks chicken essence, instead of munching down on the greasy lunch boxes prepared by the TV crew, to maintain physical strength, the agent added.

Sonia is proud of her 23-inch (58.4cm) waistline.

It was previously revealed that Japanese diva Ayumi Hamasaki had a pair of ribs removed in order to achieve a 21-inch (53cm) waist.

Dr James Chang, a surgeon specializing in plastic surgery, said rib-removal surgery requires only one week to recover and the wound would be tiny.

Liposuction on the waist would be performed after surgery to further accentuate the thin waist, thereby making the breasts look bigger too.

Check out other celebs who have had, or are rumored to have had plastic surgery in the gallery below.

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