Sonia Siu heartbroken over ex's romance with Cyndi Wang

31 January 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

After news of Yao Yuan Hao and Cyndi Wang’s reconciliation, Sonia Siu was reportedly heartbroken.Previously, Taiwanese tabloids accuse Cyndi Wang of causing the breakup between actress-host Phoebe Yuan Ai Fei (袁艾菲) and her restaurateur boyfriend Lin Guan Bai (林冠百).On the day when tabloids reported Yuan Hao and Cyndi’s romance, Sonia wrote in in her Facebook, “I miss my home!‘ Returning from Chengdu from her movie publicity yesterday, Sonia went missing and did not even pick up call from her assistant, accordingly to appledaily.The Fierce Wife producer Wang Pei-hua said that Sonia had not recovered from “her old wound and the new wound came again‘. She could be returning to home so that her family can comfort her.Asked if Sonia read the news on Yuan Hao and Cyndi’s reconciliation, Producer Wang said, “We read our news everyday‘. She added, “I know she will get over it. She has acted so many dramas related to relationships and knows that such things emerge all the time. A lot of things are not up to the individual‘.

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