Song Hye Kyo gives away 1,000 movie tickets to needy children

5 October 2013 / 3 years 3 weeks ago

In an effort to help children from low-income family, actress Song Hye Kyo became the seventh member of a small charity project called “Cinema Angels,” which consists of Korean actors and actress in the film industry, and handed out 1,000 free tickets to the Busan International Film Festival.

According to an article in Soompi, she bought these tickets with money from her BAZAAR magazine shoot, supported by Burberry Korea.

Despite her busy schedule, Song Hye Kyo shared her missions to make a donation via money from her shoot.

She commented, “I hope these tickets will allow needy children in Busan have good memories from the Busan International Film Festival. I also hope these children would attend the festival to find a brand-new world and get new vision of movies.”

One official from the Busan International Film Festival said, “It looks like actors and actresses have been thinking the way to let many people go see movies to develop film industry in Korea, although there are still so many people who can’t afford to it. Also as actors and actresses, they have a beautiful mind to try to give back the received love from fans, which is really awesome.

"We will definitely let people know their spirit at this film festival.”

Set up in 2007 by movie director Lee Hyun Seung, Cinema Angels has been working with Jang Jin Young, Park Hae Il, Song Kang Ho, Hwang Jung Min, Ahn Sung Ki and so many other efforts by popular actors/actresses in Korea.
Although there are numbers of stars who have attended charities to show their supports outside the screen, it is also meaningful to work together for people with little access to cultural enjoyment.
Meanwhile, Cinema Angel project will keep on developing their goodwill activities with the constant help of actors/actresses.
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