Son Ho Young's GF found dead in his car

22 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

The girlfriend of Son Ho Young was found dead in the G.O.D. singer's car on Tuesday, according to the website Soompi."A used briquette, an empty bottle of sleeping pills and a suicide note was discovered in the car," Gangnam police told the publication. "We assume that this is a suicide."The note reportedly contained the dead girl's concerns over her finances and other negative comments.Son Ho Young had reportedly lent his girlfriend his car, a Kia Carnival, several times in the past so she could practice driving.The couple had been dating for a year, yet had grown apart in recent days.A representative for Son Ho Young said, "Due to Son Ho Young's preparations for his upcoming album, he has gotten busier."This caused him to have minor arguments with the deceased but it wasn't to the point where something this big could happen."The G.O.D. singer, who spent his night at the police station before being released, was reportedly still in shock over his girlfriend's apparent suicide."On May 21, Son Ho Young was in the Gangnam Police Station from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. to be investigated," the rep explained. "Before he received a call from the police, he did not know about this at all."A tow truck driver first discovered the dead body, after he showed up to move the car out of an illegal, zone. The driver alerted the Gangnam authorities.The rep for Son Ho Young announced that all of the singer's current commitments, including a two-week stint hosting the radio show "2 O'Clock Date" and an appearance on the South Korean sitcom "Pure Love" have been cancelled.

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