Son Ho Joon once so poor he had to make a pack of instant mee last 4 days

27 January 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Actor Son Ho Joon shared the economically difficult times he endured before he became popular. 

The January 23rd broadcast of talk show “Taxi” featured “Respond 1994″ actors Son Ho Joon and Dohee, as well as B1A4″s Baro. 

Son Ho Joon recalled the past when he suffered from economically difficult times. 

He said, “I was able to eat one ramen for a week.” He continued, “After I broke the ramen piece in half, I would cut those pieces in half again. 

Then I would cook the ramen with just one-fourth of the soup powder.

I wouldn”t throw away the leftover soup. Instead I would save it and use it to cook porridge later with rice.”

He explained the extent he would go to in order to make a meal. Son Ho Joon also shared, “I remember one time when I stayed at a sauna for 4 days.

When I got hungry I would call one of my friends. When I had difficult times I was able to solve my hunger through my friends” help.”

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