Son Dam Bi spreads her wings and flies high as sexy diva

16 October 2013 / 3 years 1 week ago

Perfect body, beautiful face, and alluring dancing performance -- Singer Son Bam Bi has swept the world of K-POP. She recently became a multi-entertainer and captivated our hearts with her various talents.

As a host of beauty program ‘Son Dam Bi’s Beautiful Days,’ she introduces and suggests latest beauty trends in Korea. Through this show, Son became the icon of beauty by sharing various information and her private beauty tips.  

From sexy queen of K-Pop to host of beauty show, Son Dam Bi has shown us various changes. We've analyzed her past and how she’s developed her image.

Female Version of Rain, Rising as a Sexy Queen 

As called the “Female Version of Rain,” Son Dam Bi got much attention right after her debut. Her long fine hair, sexy eyes, and amazing dancing skill reminds people of singer Rain.

She made her debut in 2007 with her single ‘Cry Eye’ and came back with her second mini album ‘You Are Crazy,’ which made her the queen of sexy.

Son Dam Bi kept her ‘sexy queen’ title with her anther hit song, ‘Saturday Night,’ which was produced by hit-song maker ‘Brave Brothers. The song brought electronic music craze to Korea in 2008.

Son captivated our eyes and hearts with her popular dance move, so-called “the chair dance,” which also made her one of the hottest stars in 2008.    

New Challenge, Coming Back as an Actress 

Son Dam Bi became a top star as a singer but didn't stop. She boldly decided to be an actress with SBS TV drama ‘Dream,’ which also starred Joo Jin Mo and Kim Beom.

Son played the role of a major college student majoring in Sports, ‘Park So Yeon.’ It is not an easy thing for a singer to act, but she perfectly managed her role and proved herself as an actress with potential.

She started gaining recognition for her acting skills by playing the role of top singer ‘Yoo Chae Young in MBC TV drama ‘Light and Shadow.’ She turned herself into a woman who madly fell in love and was blinded by jealousy.  

Her Evolution, Becoming an Entertainer

Son Dam Bi kept making changes. She made an appearance on various TV programs including tvN ‘STAR, Becoming a New Employee’ and SBS ‘Kim Yeon Ah’s Kiss and Cry,’ showing various charms and talents.

From tvN ‘STAR, Becoming a New Employee,’ she depicted her challenges as a new employee with Kim Hyun Jong, Kim Beom, Kim Joon and more. She also showed off her perfect body and figure skating skill from ‘Kim Yeon Ah’s Kiss and Cry.’

Then she became a host of beauty show ‘Son Dam Bi’s beautiful Days Season 2.’ As sharing various beauty tips and other information, she became “a true multi-entertainer.”

Son Dam Bi Effect, Becoming a Standard of Muti-Entertainer

From a singer to actress, or singer to show host, many stars have tried new challenges. However, not everyone has achieved successful results. They have to work hard and have their own unique color to become a multi-entertainer like Son Dam Bi.

With a life motto to “Be Patient and Work Hard,” Son Dam Bi is now taking one step forward to a wider world, captivating people in China with her powerful, sexy performance.

Son Dam Bi’s challenges have always brought her good results, and this is not about being lucky. She always works hard to achieve what she wants, and her effort pays off. We cannot help but wonder what change she will show us next as a global star. (photo by bntnews DB)

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