'Sometimes it's good to have meat on your face': Eliza Sam defends Christine Kuo over weight gain

30 October 2013 / 2 years 12 months ago

Hong Kong actress Eliza Sam has thrown her support over fellow celebrity  Christine Kuo in the aftermath of the latter's severe weight gain.

The media frenzy started when Kuo appeared the recent Starhub TVB Awards in Singapore sporting a rounder frame in place of the curvaceous figure which she was known for in the past.

Although she offered an explanation for the weight gain, some observers have proceeded to aim a swipe at Kuo. One of them is model Anna Kay, rumoured to be jostling with Kuo for the affetions of Heavenly King Aaron Kwok, who mocked her for her inability to keep her weight under control.

Eliza was quizzed over the issue after she made an appearance at an event for shoe label Le Saunda alongside Louis Koo, replacing her friend who stood on stage for the same event last year.

"I hope you all don't give her too much pressure (with regard to Christine's weight gain).

"We both came back from Canada, (so) her figure is perfect in Canadian standards. The most important is her health and happiness," she said.

She added that it was ok for girls to be have a bit of 'meat' about them.

"when I first came back to Hong Kong, I saw that the girls were really skinny and I wasn't used to it.

"Sometimes it's good to have some meat on the face." 

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