Solbi reveals details of ex-boyfriend from hell

30 December 2012 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: allkpopOn the December 27th broadcast of JTBC‘˜s ‘˜We Are Detectives‘˜, Solbi opened up about a painful breakup she once endured with a clingy ex-boyfriend.Solbi shared, “After breaking up with a former boyfriend, I didn’t answer his calls for one week. Afterwards, he came to the front of my house with a can of oil and scared me,‘ revealing the tense situation she experienced with her past boyfriend.She also revealed how she felt after another ex-boyfriend asked to end their relationship, stating, “Because I loved him, I became angry and even thought of getting revenge,‘ sharing her honest feelings.When asked if he ever acted in desperation after a breakup, singer Kim Chang Ryul shared, “After my previous girlfriend asked to break up, I got out of the car and threatened to jump into the Han River. But that was during my early twenties prior to my debut. I am not like that now,‘ showing that breakups can be difficult for both sexes.

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