Solbi hurt by criticism of her chubby cheeks that appeared in unflattering photo

17 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Her puffy cheeks were once again a hot topics among observers after a recent photo showed her face in an unflattering light.

As netizens wondered if Solbi's round face in the photo was a result of weight gain or her going the knife, the singer lashed out at them, saying that she is a woman with feelings just like everyone else, reported allkpop.

Solbi recently made a post on her me2day, which read: "Both photos were taken today but are they the same person?

"Normally, I would acknowledge that I gained weight but this time, I am so frustrated that I am posting this.

"You understand, right? As a woman, I also get hurt by these photos! This will also come to pass soon!"

The unflattering photo was taken at actor Kim Young Ho's showcase for his 2nd mini album, 'I Am A Guy', in Seoul where the photo was taken, and it seems to be due to a bad camera angle and nothing else.

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