SNSD's Taeyeon eliminated -- from competition to impersonate her

22 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon was eliminated in the second round of the television impersonator competition program “Hidden Singer 3,” becoming the first singer to drop out of the program this season.

“Hidden Singer,” featuring a Korean singer and a few impersonators who sing behind the screen, has the audience identity the real singer’s voice, reports The Korea Herald.

While Taeyeon passed the first round of singing “If,” she failed on the second with “Gee.” “‘Gee’ is a very difficult song,” she said.

“I’m very happy to recognize that there are many people who listen to my songs and mimic my voice.”

While Taeyeon was picked as the least-like Taeyeon on the second round, she received the most votes on the final round.

The vote, however, was not counted since she was eliminated earlier.

Two singers -- Jo Sung-mo and Shin Seung-hun -- failed to reach the top in the past seasons.

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