SNSD members talk about their boyfriends -- while YoonA feigns ignorance

9 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

The ladies of Girls' Generation were next up on guerilla date and as expected, the crowd of fanboys went wild with their confessions of love for the members, while the girls excitedly talked about their comeback with "Mr.Mr".

On the March 8 broadcast of 'Entertainment Relay', the reporter asked Girls' Generation who braved through the cold weather to see their fans, "It looks like you've prepared a lot [for your comeback], what was the aspect you were concerned about the most?"

Taeyeon shared her group's confidence in their dancing, "Of course, if you think of Girls' Generation, it's our sharp-as-a-knife choreography so we focused on that a lot."

When asked, "How was your stage today?", Sooyoung shared, "I don't think we've made many mistakes during our stage today", to which Hyoyeon added with her usual blunt personality, "I was busy doing my part that I didn't look at the others."

The reporter also asked, "Sooyoung is getting prettier everyday. Why do you think Sooyoung is getting prettier?" Yuri cutely answered, "Because she is receiving love", referring to Sooyoung's boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho.

When asked, "For the first time since your debut, you performed with male dancers. Who was the person that liked it the most?", Hyoyeon shared, "We all liked it equally."

According to allkpop, the reporter complimented Sooyoung who fed him, "You are so feminine. Someone must be very happy."

The reporter then gave them some advice, "There really needs to be a person who you can open your heart to. Who is that person for YoonA?" YoonA shared, "Me? I also have my family, friends..."

The reporter tried to get YoonA to mention her boyfriend Lee Seung Gi and asked, "Anyone else? Is it that person who came out on the 'Entertainment Relay' news?"

YoonA shared, "I don't know who you're talking about", wanting to change the subject with her shy laughter.

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