SNSD members slammed and called bad names after laughing at airport

2 October 2014 / 2 years 2 weeks ago

More pictures were revealed of the eight members of Girls' Generation arriving at the airport for their first fan meeting in China, '2014 Girls' Generation First Fan Party "Mr.Mr" in Shenzhen.

Weibo user Double_J_Zyy posted on September 30, "Goddesses.  I welcome Girls' Generation's entry into Shenzhen," and added pictures of them in the Chinese airport, reports allkpop.

In these pictures, the girls appeared as they normally did, but what did grab attention was the image of a brightly smiling Hyoyeon having a lighthearted conversation with Yuri.

In other pictures, the other members look weary, donning sunglasses or looking downward, so their hair covers their faces.

While most fans remain supportive of the group as well as former member Jessica, others were not so kind. They left comments slamming the group for seeming so happy after Jessica's recent departure. A few even blamed them for kicking Jessica out and called them vulgar names.

However, many also felt that it was unfair to judge what really happened based on these few photos.

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