SNH48's Japanese leader upset at 'disrespectful' Chinese members

27 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Miyazawa Sae has made it clear that she is disappointed with the members of SNH48, all of whom are from China. Her reaction comes after a dance coach visited SNH48 in Shanghai for lessons. SNH48 is AKB48's 7th sister group, based around the city of Shanghai, China.According to a report in, the coach had criticized their poor performance, and Miyazawa had felt that the girls appeared disinterested and disrespectful, sitting on the ground or leaning against walls.Miyazawa also watched SNH48’s first public performance as a member of the audience as she is waiting for the Chinese government to approve her visa, and felt that none of the 19 songs they performed was perfect. She was joined by Suzuki Mariya, the only other Japanese member of the fledgeling group.Her reaction had been featured on Japanese television programme 'every'.

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