SMU student 'obsessed' with representing S'pore in beauty pageants

24 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

What makes some women participate time and time again in beauty pageants despite the stress and demands?

“Recognition is like air to me,” she tells The New Paper.

That is why Miss Goh Yi Ling, 21, would have taken part in four pageants, including Miss Universe Singapore 2012, by the end of the year. And it won’t stop there. She also intends to take part in international pageants next year, should she qualify.

Having placed second at the Miss Singapore Chinatown pageant last year would have been an achievement for many. But Miss Goh will be taking part in the same pageant next month to try and place first.

“So that I can represent Singapore in the Miss Chinese International for Hong Kong’s TVB station. I want to emulate the success of my idol Linda Chung, a famous actress who won Miss Chinese International in 2004,” she explains.

The chirpy and slim undergraduate at Singapore Management University says: “I know I may not place first but I am extremely determined and it doesn’t hurt participating again as I love the limelight.”

And she is putting in all the hard work, despite there being no guarantee of success.

“I will improve on my Mandarin by speaking to more people in the language, as well as practising my walk to make sure it is perfect,” says Miss Goh, who won Miss Personality in last year’s Miss Universe Singapore.

She is one of a few who are constantly on the beauty pageant circuit. In fact, pageant organisers recommended The New Paper to speak to Miss Goh when they asked for a pageant regular.

Is she obsessed with pageants?

She replies: “Well, I can say it is a healthy obsession.” 

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