Smashing glass scene leaves Wylie Chiu with painful bumps on head

28 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Of the many painful incidents Wylie Chiu has had to endure while filming Winter is Hope, having a glass smashed over her head has got to be the most shocking.Victor Chen and Wylie had a fight scene where Wylie slapped him on the face. In response Victor smashed a glass over her forehead, leaving her covered with (fake) blood. The glass-busting scene had several bad takes, leaving Wylie with a bruised forehead covered with bumps. She said, "My head is a little swollen and it hurts if I press on it, but for work it's not important. I slapped him once. Initially we tested our mark so we weren't worried about an eye injury." For his part, Victor said that he did not hold back for the fight scene, saying that for "the film it's no big deal."

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