Sita Chan's label to release demo track that propelled her to stardom

8 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

On the early morning of Apr 17, singer Sita Chan unfortunately passed away from a fatal car accident. Her memorial service is scheduled for this Friday, May 10. at the Po Fook Memorial Hall and her funeral will take place the day after.TVB News World reported that Sita's record company Sun Culture Entertainment is holding a public viewing between 5pm to 6.30pm on May 10, and that a album paying tribute to her, titled All The Best..., will be released on that day as well.The album will include three new songs; all of Sita's past songs including Crazy Love and Let Me Find Love; Sita's Neway Music Live concert; and all of her MVs. Although Sita only been in the industry for two years, she had a friendly relationship with the media and her fans, thus her family and record company made special arrangements giving her good friends and fans an opportunity to personally bow and give their final goodbyes to Sita between 3-6pm. Before Sita's death, she recorded three songs which has not been unreleased yet. One of them includes a Mandarin song Love Script (愛的劇本), which is a song Sita had recorded a demo for before her debut.So, Sita had always attached heavy importance to this song and mentioned several times before that she's really happy that this song eventually became her own.In view, of this, Sun Culture Entertainment has decided to fulfill Sita's last wish. The company is launching her final album entitled All The Best... on May 10th.The crew is currently working hard trying produce the album in hope to launch it in time. All the proceeds earned from the commeratorive album will go to Sita's family. Also, Sita's former music school students are planning to fold 10,387 paper cranes in memory of their late classmate. The number represents Sita's birthday, which fell on March 10, 1987.

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