Sire Ma makes shocking confession after leaked footage: She has filmed more sexy videos

25 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

After an intimate video of Sire Ma dancing in lingerie was uploaded online, she makes another shocking confession in a press conference -- more sexy videos of her exist.

Jayne Stars reported that the actress, however, is not afraid that these will be circulated.

When asked if there are more sexy videos of her in existence, Sire said, “There should be more. This is of a very personal nature, please allow me to not respond to the question. I know who has these videos and what I don’t have them myself. I also don’t know if the media already has copies of [more] photos or videos.”

Revealing that she had taken the leaked video last year, Sire was asked who had filmed her and why she was willing to bare all on camera.

“Of course, the person used to be someone I was very close with. Like I said in my earlier statement, I blindly trusted someone while in love. Even if there are many examples you can learn from around you, when you are deeply in love, you will think this will never happen to you. You will think that the other person will protect you. Now I know that only I can protect myself, so women should never take these photos or videos.”

When it was pointed out that her eyes appeared unfocused in the video, Sire said that she was not filmed under the influence of any drugs. “I may have drank a bit of alcohol.”

No Regrets for Actions

Sire said she does not regret filming the explicit video. “There is no regret in this world. If you have done something wrong, you have to admit and be responsible for it. I am certain that I loved the wrong person. I also did not listen to other people and acted rashly to hurt them.” Sire apologized for disappointing TVB, her family and friends.

She added, “I have already been through an emotional roller coaster [since last year], so I know worrying about the situation won’t help. There is nothing to be afraid of.”

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