Single mum Shirley Yeung doing all she can to support family

24 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Despite many hardships, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) has no regrets about being a single mom, and in fact, finds it a blessing.

When she ended her nine-year relationship with Gregory Lee (李泳豪) in 2011, her wholesome image suffered greatly from the many negative reports that ensued. Her involvement with swimmer Andy Ng (吳帥) and her subsequent pregnancy further stained her reputation, allegedly causing TVB to keep her out of the public’s sight.

Returning to Hong Kong in March 2012 after giving birth to daughter Krystal (楊卓穎), Shirley has mostly kept a low profile. Perhaps a strategy to repair her image, she made several appearances at family and children-oriented public events.

Greeting the public as a new mother, Shirley spoke extensively about her daughter, though kept mum about both Gregory and Andy.

Determined to raise Krystal on her own, Shirley gave her daughter her own family name, Yeung, and has made parenting the center of her life. Despite the social stigma and difficulties of raising a child alone, the 35-year-old has absolutely no regrets.

According to a report on Jayne Stars, Shirley said, “I have my daughter, what more could I want? Many people want to have children but cannot because of health, environment, or their work. I have already achieved [this goal], and now I am able to focus strictly on my career.”

After a two-year absence from filming TV dramas, Shirley is set to make her small-screen comeback this month in ICAC Investigators 2014 <廉政行動2014>. On March 20, she will also appear in TVB producer Wilson Chin (錢國偉)’s movie Black Comedy <黑色喜劇>.

Different from her roles in the past, Shirley will play a cunning mistress who will share bed scenes with Director Chin. She will also play a similar role in the upcoming TVB drama The Apothecary <大藥坊> as Linda Chung’s (鍾嘉欣) adulterous stepmother.

Despite these roles’ potential negative effect on her image, Shirley is not too worried and is instead appreciative of the opportunities.

“I want to try everything, and hope to film different types of movies and dramas.”

Supporting her entire family on her own, she is doing all that she can to bring in income. However tough her situation may seem, Shirley is full of optimism and positive energy.

“Even if you’re full of self-pity, life still goes on. I always say to myself, ‘I must be strong’.”

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