Singapore's sexy massage uncle bags Boomz Award

28 December 2012 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: The New Paper

Despite being one of YouTube's hottest local stars this year, Mr Toh Kia Hing is unassuming and level-headed - hardly the type to allow fame to go to his head.

The 53-year-old sound engineer is the recipient of this year's Boomz Award, our annual accolade to honour personalities who have exploded onto the showbiz scene and become household names overnight.

Started in 2009 and named after ex-beauty queen Ris Low's (remember her?) catchphrase, the award is The New Paper's little, wacky tribute to those who have gone from zero to hero in a flash.

Mr Toh's breakout role on Internet's biggest video-sharing platform is that of a Hokkien-spewing uncle who gives up what most men would consider a dream profession - massaging sexy models - to take up a desk job.

He soon realises it is impossible to shake off his past as he is constantly sexually harassed by his attractive, buxom female colleagues.

The hilarious video, which advertises search portal Jobiness, went viral after it was uploaded on YouTube last month.

It has more than two million hits and has been circulated over 1,000 times on Facebook."I don't feel like a celebrity at all," said Mr Toh, in an interview last week with TNP at Club Chinoiserie in Esplanade Mall, when we told him about his win.

He said: "Nothing has changed in my life. I still go to my regular coffee shop to order my favourite food, I still go fishing with my friends."

He added with a chuckle: "Maybe I'm not recognised on the streets that much because I wasn't wearing spectacles in the video, whereas in real life, I do."

Check out the gallery for screengrab's of his Youtube videos.

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