Singaporeans vote for Taiwan host Pauline Lan even though she bashed them

24 October 2013 / 2 years 12 months ago

Less than 5 months ago, this is what Taiwanese host Pauline Lan said Singapore girls dressed terribly, had oily hair, and don't wear enough make-up.

5 months later, the fiesty host seems to have changed her tune, reports RazorTV.

She says she has noticed a big improvement, and now rates Singapore girls 8/10. 

The two points are reserved for further improvement, she says. 

"If I give full marks now you guys might get cocky and not put in the effort.

"Even for myself I always leave room for improvement.

Surely her change of heart had nothing to do with the fact that her show 'Lady First' picked up  two awards at the recent Starhub TVB Awards?"

Singaporeans vote for Pauline Lan despite her low opinion of their fashion sense

When asked what she though of this, Pauline said, "Maybe because I'm more direct, I don't censor myself."


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