Singaporean retiree pens poem for Fann Wong's National Day baby

20 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

By Catherine Robert
The New Paper
Monday, August 18, 2014

It was National Day and Mdm Diana Wee just couldn't help herself after she read The New Paper's print story about Fann Wong and Christopher Lee's newborn baby Zed.

So, she penned a poem about little Zed, who was born on Aug 9, and sent it to us.

The 65-year-old retiree told us:

"I just thought that the birth of Zed was a lovely surprise for the nation and I was fascinated."

Wong, 43, as in labour for 10 hours before delivering her son via Caesarean section on Singapore's birthday.

"Our country is always wanting young couples to have children and I know celebrities have kids all the time but for a couple who waited quite a while to have a kid and for Zed to be born on National Day, this just seemed like a crown jewel, a special new citizen," said Mdm Wee.

Mdm Wee took about 30 minutes to pen a poem for the couple and their National Day newborn baby:

Z - Made in Singapore (not unlike the Sling) with much zeal and zest

E - Excitement enveloped in a worth-waiting-for wrap cum vest

D - Delightful dearest darling, a precious gift for Chris and Fann

L - Luminously lending love and joy to an already famed local (Lee) clan

E - Effervescence, exuberance, enchanting a Nation's fireworks-parade-display

E - Enhanced by an entry of its newest littlest citizen.

What a truly Happy 49th Birthday!

This patriotic citizen says she has already penned her next poem in tribute to Singapore's 50th Birthday next year.

She also said she may write a poem about me after our phone conversation.

Thanks in advance Ma​da​m Wee!

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