Singaporean fans say Andy Lau looks too skinny

1 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Sisters Jane and Marge Phua, both in their 40s, had taken leave from work on Wednesday so they could see Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau in the flesh for the first time.Lau and co-star, Hong Kong actress Sammi Cheng, were due to appear at Plaza Singapura on Wednesday night at 7pm to meet the fans as part of their promotional activities for Blind Detective.Their latest movie, which opens here on July 4, sees them playing police officers in search of a missing girl, reports The New Paper.Said Ms Jane Phua, an accounts manager: "We knew we had to get here early because there would be a huge crowd."It was fantastic seeing Andy Lau in person, he is still so handsome up close."I was surprised to see that he is rather thin. I wish he would put on more weight and not let his fans worry about him not eating enough."Lau and Cheng finally appeared at 7.20pm to screams from the excited 3,000-strong crowd.Those who had turned up too see the veteran stars were a mix of teenagers, young adults, those in their 40s and 50s and even mothers who had brought their babies along in prams.Lau and Cheng proved that they were seasoned entertainers when they hammed it up for their fans by flirting with each other. Lau is married with a daughter. Lau, 51, said that he would want to be with Cheng, 40, in his, next life."In our next lives, I'll still call myself Andy Lau and you must call yourself Sammi Cheng then I'll come and find you."To the crowd, he added, to more screams: "If I were to write a movie for Sammi, I would write one where the plot revolves around two people who are secretly in love with each other."Whether Cheng was blushing or had lots of rouge on her cheeks, it was hard to tell.She said: "Andy and I have a very natural chemistry, there's no need to change or adapt to each other, it just works between us."

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