Singapore beauty blogger recovers from horror facial

14 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

A month ago, local beauty blogger Juli suffered one of the worst experiences in her life. She went for a sponsored facial which resulted in a severe allergic reaction that left her skin covered with tiny pustules.She endured the pus filled bumps for a week after a botched treatment from the facial salon where its therapist tried to squeeze the pus out, aggravating the situation.Luckily, Juli's face started to show improvement after she visited two general practitioners (GPs) on May 30 and a dermatologist on the sixth day after her facial. However, her skin was left with hyperpigmentation scars.Self-conscious due to the marks, Juli kept her face covered in public and in her blog posts.But in one of her latest blog posts dated July 25, she has finally mustered the courage to reveal her post-recovery face to her fans."It's not that I feel my skin is getting so much better that I feel it's alright to show you guys, or that I feel obligated because of the pressure from some bull-fighting tournament spectators."But that I'm at peace with myself, beginning to accept that my skin may never be the same again. That the scars may live with me forever to remind me of this chapter in my life. That I have so much more things to live for, to be happy for. That with technology, I have hope that, I may one day find proper treatments to make my skin better."Physical flaws and all, I'm still me. Perhaps even a stronger me," she wrote.She added that she still has some more visible scarring left on the sides of her face and jawline, and that her skin is now very "thin and vulnerable" to UV rays.Source: AsiaOne YourHealth

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